And then, there’s Kansas

Last week, we talked about how Missouri’s photo ID law doesn’t actually require you to show photo ID to vote. Kansas, though, is another story.

Unless you can demonstrate that you are a member of a religion that prohibits you from having your photo taken, you’ll need a non-expired photo ID to vote in Kansas. The list of acceptable photo IDs is a bit more robust than Missouri’s, though. You can vote with:

  • A driver’s license or ID issued by Kansas or by another state
  • A concealed carry of handgun license
  • A United States passport
  • An employee badge or identification document issued by a municipal, county, state, or federal government office
  • A military ID
  • A student identification card issued by a Kansas college or other post-high school institution
  • A public assistance ID
  • An identification card issued by an Indian tribe

The state will also issue you an ID for free, if you need one to vote. You will still need to bring your social security card and your birth certificate, or otherwise prove your identity and citizenship. But they’ll give you the ID for free, and are allegedly letting folks who need ID to vote get to the head of the line. It’s not nothing, and maybe it will help some folks get their votes in.

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