Cowtown Democracy is a non-partisan guide to Kansas City elections and civics:

  • The voting process
  • How elections work
  • Your right to vote and how to defend it
  • Being an informed voter
  • Local, state, and national voting problems
  • Voting reform

Sometimes I’ll also talk about how local and state government works, and who to complain to when it doesn’t.

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for. The odds are pretty good that you have some opinions about that already. I am going to tell you how to learn about who you’re voting for, and how to get information on the people and offices you might not know about. I’m not going to take sides*, but I am going to tell you who’s on what side, and how to find out more.

This blog is maintained by an individual who happens to be a poll worker in Kansas City. All opinions expressed in the blog are my own, and in no way represent the views of KCEB, the City of Kansas City, or any other entity. Guest posters and authors of linked resources are responsible for their own business.

That being said, I’m committed to giving accurate, well-sourced information. If something on the blog turns out to be wrong, I’ll make a correction. Around here, we want to be all cow, no bull.

Your humble correspondent
Your humble correspondent

* I’m not going to take sides, except in issues directly related to voting and making sure that the vote reflects the will of the voters. I’m damned sure going to side against voter suppression, misleading ballot language, biased redistricting practices, and other kinds of skullduggery aimed at reducing the power of the people. Sometimes that might not look all that non-partisan, but wait a while. When the balance of power tips and a new party takes control, they’re gonna do the same kinds of dirty tricks. I promise you, I’ll be against it then, too.