Kansas Advance Voting Starts Tomorrow

As a Missourian, if there’s anything I’m willing to admit to being envious of Kansas about, it’s the advance voting system. Seriously, Missouri, we should get us one of those. Let’s talk. But that’s not the point of this post. The point of this post is that if you are fortunate enough to be a Kansas voter, you can vote early by mail starting tomorrow, or in person starting October 22 or 23, depending on your county.

To vote by mail, you have to have a ballot. To get a ballot, you have to ask your county election office for one. (Here’s a handy link to the application for Johnson and Wyandotte county voters.) Fill that bad boy out, print it, and mail it in to the election office. They’ll mail you a ballot. Mark your ballot, seal it up, make sure you fill out all the important stuff on the outside of your ballot envelope, and mail it back before election day. No standing in lines on election day, very easy, very nice. Folks with disabilities or chronic illness who are regularly going to be prevented from going to the polls by their health can apply to always get a ballot mailed to them without needing to request one every time. Everybody else has to request a ballot for each election they want to vote by mail.

If you prefer to vote in person, but still want to get it out of the way before election day, you can do that starting next week. Johnson County has six early voting sites – check the location and hours before you go. Wyandotte County hasn’t posted their locations or schedules yet, but I’ll keep looking and share them with you when I find them. If you’re in another county, check your county’s election office website for details.

Happy voting, Kansan friends!

It’s my new favorite holiday!

National Voter Registration Day logo September 25, 2018

Today is National Voter Registration Day, my new favorite holiday. If you’re not registered, now’s a great time to take a moment to get signed up. Or, if you’ve moved or changed your name since the last time you voted, update your registration. Or, just check to make sure you’re still on the voter rolls. Missouri and Kansas both drop “inactive” voters, and I heard a lot of folks who signed up to vote at the Kansas DMV say that the state didn’t have any record of their enrollments. So let’s just take a minute, be sure you’re on the list. Here are some handy links – if you need to update your name or address, use the “register” links:

Register to vote in Missouri. 

Register to vote in Kansas.

Check your registration in Kansas.

I’d like to give you the link to check your registration in Missouri, but hey, that page (https://s1.sos.mo.gov/elections/voterlookup/) seems to not be available at the moment. I’m sure that’s just a thing that happened to happen, and has no greater meaning, right? Anyway, watch this space and I’ll holler when it comes back online.